Hauber Fellowships (Science)

Loyola's Hauber Fellowship awards a stipend and housing to talented undergraduate students who wish to pursue independent summer research in the sciences under the supervision of a faculty member. The 10-week program provides students with the opportunity to gain valuable experience in their discipline along with faculty assistance and mentoring. A Hauber Fellow's summer culminates with a presentation of their written research report. These reports are often submitted for publication in science journals. Typically in the fall, each Hauber Fellow will be given the opportunity to present his or her research in a symposium to their peers and to faculty members in the Loyola community.

Research activities allow a student to apply textbook knowledge and laboratory training in an integrated manner. This provides excellent preparation for students seeking to continue their educations in graduate/professional school as well as entering the job market with an undergraduate degree. Students have the opportunity to work closely with faculty members and benefit from their experience in approaching, planning and performing research.

Applications for a Hauber Fellowship are made in the Spring Semester.