School of Education Faculty and Staff

Collage of education faculty at Loyola

Dean's Office

Dr. Joshua Smith, Dean, School of Education 410-617-5343
Dr. Robert Helfenbein, Associate Dean 410-617-5343

Curriculum and Instruction

Dr. Stephanie Flores-Koulish, Associate Professor 410-617-5456
Dr. Victor Delclos, Professor 410-617-2480

Educational Leadership

Dr. Peter Litchka, Director, Associate Professor 410-617-1656
Dr. Philip Robey, Visiting Assistant Professor 410-617-1315

Education Specialties

Dr. Peter Rennert-Ariev, Chair of Education Specialties Department, Associate Professor 410-617-5880

Educational Technology

Dr. David Marcovitz, Director, Associate Professor 410-617-2250 
Natalie Janiszewski, Visiting Assistant Professor 410-617-2274

Kodály Center for Music Education (The American Kodály Institute)


Dr. Afra Hersi, Associate Professor 410-617-2546  
Dr. Mark Lewis, Assistant Professor 410-617-5277
Dana Reinhardt, Director, Division Director for Literacy Programs, Loyola Clinical Centers 410-617-1252
Dr. Leah Saal, Assistant Professor  410-617-2671 
Dr. Wendy Smith, Associate Professor 410-617-2194
Dr. Margarita Zisselsberger, Assistant Professor 410-617-5323


Center for Montessori Education

Jack Rice, Director, Center for Montessori Education 410-617-2308


Laura Alpaugh, Clinical Instructor 410-617-2847
Deborah Anthony, Clinical Instructor 410-617-2003
Susan Felts, Clinical Instructor 410-617-2847
Kathleen Nawrocki, Clinical Instructor 410-617-5438
Maryanne Ralls, Clinical Instructor 410-617-5487 
Allan Olchowski, Clinical Instructor 410-617-2247
Stacy Williams, Clinical Instructor 410-617-2756
James Wolgamott, Clinical Instructor 410-617-5718

School Counseling

Dr. Lee Joyce Richmond, Director, Professor 410-617-1508 
Dr. Yun-Dih Cia-Smith, Visiting  Assistant Professor 410-617-2419
Dr. Bradley Erford, Professor 410-617-1509
Dr. Kalinda Jones, Assistant Professor 410-617-1513
Dr. Lynn Linde, Clinical Assistant Professor 410-617-1657
Dr. Cheryl Moore-Thomas, Associate Professor
Dr. Qi Shi, Assistant Professor 410-617-1552
Dr. Jennifer Watkinson, Assistant Professor 410-617-1705

Special Education

Cathy Rosensteel, Director, Practicum Coordinator/Clinical Instructor 410-617-5383
Dr. Marie Celeste, Associate Professor 410-617-5174
Dr. Elana Rock, Associate Professor 410-617-5177

Teaching English Language Learners

Dr. Afra Hersi, Associate Professor 410-617-2546
Dr. Mark Lewis, Assistant Professor 410-617-5277
Dr. Wendy M. Smith, Associate Professor 410-617-2194
Dr. Margarita Zisselsberger, Assistant Professor 410-617-5323

Teacher Education

Dr. Wendy M. Smith, Chair of Teacher Education 410-617-2194
Dr. Vanessa Dodo-Seriki, Assistant Professor, Science Education 410-617-2122
Dr. Oren McClain, Assistant Professor  410-617-5116
Dr. Peter C. Murrell, Jr., Professor 410-617-2184
Dr. Camika Royal, Assistant Professor, Urban Education  410-617-5379 
Dr. Robert Simmons, Associate Professor 410-617-5776

Washington Montessori Institute 

Carol Hicks, Director of AMI Elementary Training, WMI 410-617- 7773
Janet McDonell, Director of AMI Primary Training, WMI 410-617-7770
Jennifer Shields, AMI Primary Trainer, WMI 410-617-7782
Jamie Rue, AMI Elementary Trainer 410-617-7665 

Professional Staff

Nicole Bacak, Elementary Course Assistant, WMI  410-617-7774
Candra Healy, Executive Assistant to the Dean 410-617-2827
Mary Hyman, Coordinator, Child Care Institute 410-617-2389
Tonya Lewis, Director of Program Operations, Educational Specialties  410-617-1545
Antoinette Lobdell, Administrative Assistant, Teacher Education 410-617-5310
Jennifer Lyall, Administrative Assistant, Education Specialties 410-617-5094
Heather Moore, Assistant Dean for Assessment and Data Management 410-617-2996
Jane Scheuermann, Primary Course Assistant, WMI 410-617-7771
Deborah Smedley, Coordinator of Graduate Records 410-617-2106
JoAnn Smoot, Executive Assistant to the Associate Dean 410-617-5343
Carrie Stroup, Program Coordinator, Center for Montessori Education 410-617-7765
Elizabeth Trimmer, Director of Program Operations, Teacher Education 410-617-5376