Social Entrepreneurship

Dean's Reflections

Smart people, working together, trained in thinking creatively to solve problems can make a difference in a community. That’s the focus of our feature story this month, highlighting a class of graduate students in our part-time Professional’s MBA program that dedicated an entire course to consulting for the local non-profit community.

Loyola University Maryland and the Sellinger School teach that leadership does not occur only within one's company, but also wherever a person chooses to focus his or her efforts. Part of our mission as a Jesuit university is to demonstrate that there is a link between acting responsibly and tangible success. It is no coincidence that Jesuit universities are located in urban areas, in cities in need of leadership to create vehicles for change. Our location affords us the opportunity to show our students that strong communities exist wherever compassionate leaders, who understand the importance of using their talents for the good of others, operate.

The class taught by Harsha Desai provides a real opportunity for our students to discover the intrinsic personal value in helping those in need while building relevant skill sets for their careers. I’m proud to see that the link was put into action as sustainable foundations were created by the class for the non-profit organizations. While the bottom line is not the focus, it is work that benefits everyone. Perhaps most importantly, a class such as the one Professor Desai teaches validates the notion that it’s not enough to know how a business works—it’s critical to understand how one’s decision can affect an entire community.

Finally, there is a message in this story for all of our graduates moving forward into new careers and challenges, or to those ready to apply the principles of their education in their current work. Use this piece as a reminder to constantly test theory against relevant, real-world situations, and to continue to reflect on how your work can contribute to the success of others, especially those in need. We wish you the very best.

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