GMAT Information

A careful examination of an applicant's academic and professional qualifications precedes every admission decision. The committee values previous undergraduate/graduate academic achievement, work experience assessed through a resume, professional references, each portion of the GMAT, certifications/awards, and other evidence of the applicant's capacity to successfully pursue graduate study in business. 

GMAT Waiver Request Policy

Professional's MBA and MSF candidates may be eligible for admission without submitting a GMAT score report. The following provisions qualify an applicant to request GMAT waiver consideration: 

  • Possession of an advanced degree (e.g., master's level or higher with quantitative content), OR
  • An undergraduate grade point average of 3.25 or higher and at least five years of significant professional work experience, typically post baccalaureate.  

All GMAT waiver requests require a personal interview with a Sellinger School program advisor. The admissions committee reserves the right to require a GMAT score from an applicant even if the basic conditions are met.

GMAT scores up to five years old are accepted.

Applicants accepted for graduate study will be advised in writing. Individuals will also be informed of any undergraduate courses or prerequisites requiring completion before commencing their academic studies. A program advisor will assist in planning your program of study. Students are responsible for discussing any special needs they may have with their advisor.

Students with strong academic credentials from any academic discipline are accepted. The academic records of all accepted students will be evaluated by a program advisor to determine if foundation coursework is necessary before beginning core (700-level) courses. Foundation coursework includes accounting, finance, economics, and statistics. It is expected that the applicant will have two years of professional work experience.