Kodály Music Education

Kodály Music Education

The American Kodály Institute

A student and teacher sitting at a piano

The American Kodály institute at Loyola University Maryland provides music educators an opportunity to earn a Master of Education in Kodály Music Education in just four summers. Each summer session runs for three weeks and during that time, graduate students hone their personal musicianship and teaching skills, culminating in a practical, and usable portfolio, in lieu of a final thesis. Kodaly-trained teachers research folk songs and singing games, and determine historical and cross-curricular connections to support the demographics of their students, resulting in a custom made Kodály curriculum created to fit each student population and individual school. 

Earn a Master of Education in Kodály Music Education

The American Kodály Institute at Loyola University Maryland provides an engaging and nurturing environment that allows music educators to thrive and reach their peak potential. Graduate students master 21st century applications of the Kodály philosophy and Music Learning Theory. In addition to completing their Kodály certification coursework, they study the intricacies of vocal pedagogy and science, develop methods for teaching students with special needs, and practice folk instrument accompaniment. This program applies the latest music education research with the goal of music literacy for all. Our faculty are master teachers with current classroom experience teaching musicians from birth through adulthood, and inspire our students to become artists, pedagogues, and scholars of the highest caliber. The American Kodály Institute is currently applying for national endorsement with the Organization of American Kodály Educators and is one of a handful of institutions worldwide that goes beyond Kodaly certification and offers a Master of Education in Kodály Music Education.