Loyola at a Glance

Beans and Bread

As a Loyola student, you’ll see the difference you can make in the community by giving back through meal programs like Beans and Bread. Loyola students regularly volunteer at the Beans and Bread Center in Baltimore where they serve meals and welcome guests. Our students show their magis, or more, by making a lasting impact in their community.

Members of the Loyola community helping others at Beans and Bread

In the Community

At Loyola, we instill a lifelong devotion to service and social awareness in our students. Our graduates understand that leadership and service to the world are intimately connected. It is through service that we are often inspired to address the problems of the world and make it a better place.

Without Borders

Service is an integral part of the Loyola experience and students are encouraged to incorporate service in all aspects of their life. Loyola’s men’s soccer team gives back to the community by hosting weekly clinics for the local Soccer Without Borders program. Through the program, Loyola students refine their mentorship skills, promote healthy living, teamwork, and academic success, as well as learn about the challenges faced by local youth who are refugees.

Service at Loyola

There is a multitude of ways to get involved in service at Loyola, with many opportunities organized by our Center for Community Service and Justice. There are programs both on- and off-campus with a range of time commitments, so there is always an opportunity that can fit your schedule and comfort level. Opportunities range from collections and donations, to serving food, tutoring, raising money, or even participating in an immersion program. Or, you can choose to sign up for a service-learning course, where your service experience will tie in closely with the coursework you’re studying. Regardless of what service experience you participate in—and most of our students participate in at least one activity at Loyola—you’re sure to look at the world through a new lens.