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If you are interested in the York Road Initiative or the York Road community, you might find the links and articles below intriguing.

Articles and Context

Urban Land Institute's Final Technical Assistance Panel Report
January 2014

Examining Cultural Lenses
Compiled by Pastor Heber Brown
August 2013

Urban Land Institute's York Road Technical Assistance Panel Presentation
June 2013

Baltimore Food Policy Initiative: Food Deserts

The 2011 Neighborhood Health Profile 
December 2011

Market Demographics

Loyola is Listening Project

Charm City: A Walk Through Baltimore
Madison Smartt Bell
November 2007

The York Road Community Strategic Neighborhood Action Plan (SNAP)
February 2006

A History of Govanstowne
Eric Holcomb

Who are We?
Baltimore Magazine

Govanstowne Village and Suburb 
John Brain

Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance

U.S. Census

Baltimore City Health Department