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Name of Club/Organization

Student President and Moderator


Aahana Student President: Taylor Daily

Moderator: Moira Lynch
A chapter of the non-profit organization that helps women and children across India through awareness-raising initiatives and fundraising.
Action for Autism

Student President: Paige Bradford

Moderator: Lisa Schoenbrodt

Raising awareness and acceptance of Autism on and off campus.
Active Minds

Student President: Emily Covais

Moderator: Beth Kotchick

A chapter of the national organization that changes the conversation about college students' mental health.
ADAPT (Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Team)

Student Presidents: Mary Caitlin King, Robert Grisi

Moderator: Zachary Hitchens

A peer education group that focuses on alcohol and other drug related issues.

African Students' Union

Student President: Abigail Lordson-Banini

Moderator: Margaret Musgrove

 Providing students with opportunities to learn about and immerse themselves in diverse African cultures.

Agricultural Society

Student President: John Caruso

Moderator: Rev. Tim Brown, S.J.

Aiming to utilize Loyola's unused land patches, transforming them into functioning gardening areas.
American Association of University Women (AAUW) Student President: Sydney Monshaw

Moderators: Hope Supernault, Jacquis Watters
Affirming and advocating for the empowerment, agency and equity of every member of the University community, with emphasis on women-identified individuals.
American Sign Language Club Student President: Megan Byrne, Kristen Soranno

Moderator: Donna Pitts
Creating an environment dedicated to learning about Deaf culture and American Sign Language, spreading awareness.
Anime Hounds Student Presidents: Madelyn Fagan

Moderator: David Binkley
Rediscovering favorite childhood cartoons, examining modern day animation, and discussing cultural stereotypes.
Anthropology Club Student President: Vanessa Cano, Valerie Jean

Moderator: H. Jay Dunmore
A club for students with an interest in discussing the different branches of anthropology, and learning more through discussions, speakers, etc.
Army ROTC Moderator: Cpt. Joseph Mucci
Around the World Cooking Club Student President: Luke Haus, Celeste Colon

Moderator: Fuat Gursozlu
Exploring different cultures through a culinary perspective.

Asian Cultural Alliance (ACA)

Student President: Robin Xiong

Moderator: Purvi Patel

Offering cultural experiences meant to educate members of the Loyola community about Asian life, dismissing stereotypes and spreading diversity.
Association for Latin American & Spanish Students (ALAS)

Student President: Amanda Acevedo

Moderator: Cristina Garcia

Spreading Spanish culture through events such as Latino Heritage Month, films, and other cultural events.
Baking For A Cause Student Presidents: George Smith, Brandon Romagnano

Moderator: Matthew Hobson
An outlet for students who enjoy baking desserts, giving tips and instructions. Fundraising through bake sales to benefit various causes.
Bethel Campus Fellowship Student President: Abigail Lordson-Banini

Moderator: Rodney Parker

Black Students' Association

Student Presidents:  Zebradedra Hunter, Kirsten Nichols

Moderator: Rodney Parker

Promoting awareness of and celebrating Black culture through service projects, educational programs, social inclusiveness and self-exploration while upholding the spirit of the Jesuit ideals.
 Book Club Student Presidents: Ian McNeely, Rebeccah Swerdlow

Moderator: Sue Abromaitis
Providing an outlet for students of any major to explore and cultivate their love of reading.

Caribbean Students' Union

Student President: Jerrod Ridgway

Moderator: Cristina Garcia

Focusing on different traditions of the Caribbean culture, raising awareness through various events.
Chamber Ensemble Moderator: David LaVorgna A performing music ensemble.
Chess Club

Student President: Connor Pilkington

Moderator: Michael Knapp

Promoting the study and knowledge of chess for recreation as well as to develop problem solving skills.
Chinese Club

Student President: Julia Benner

Moderator: Jinghua Wangling, Yu Zhang

Providing opportunities for students to experience Chinese culture and practice the Mandarin language.
Chosen Generation Gospel Choir

Student President: Devin Stone

Moderators: George Miller, Anne McSweeney

Loyola's Gospel Choir meets every Tuesday night at 7 PM and performs two concerts each year.
Classical Guitar Ensemble Moderator: Ronald Pearl A performing music ensemble.
Climbing Club Student President: Brandon Romagnano

Moderator: Matthew Hobson
Raising awareness about climbing, and promoting climbing to students.
Club Sports Moderator: Taylor Tully A competitive club sports program offered through the Department of Recreational Sports.
College Democrats

Student President: Zach Hands

Moderator: Janine Holc

Progressive political party on campus devoted to social justice, marriage equality, women's rights, green policy, public innovation and tax reform.

College Republicans

Student President: Ann Tumolo

Moderator: Diana Schaub

This group hosts weekly meetings to discuss important political issues, and holds several annual events.

Community Service Council

Center for Community Service and Justice Bringing Loyola students and Baltimore community members together for one-time service events on campus.
Corridors Moderator: Lucas Southworth Corridors is a literary magazine filled with student contributions.
Cover to Cover Student President: Chemine Sharpe

Moderator: Lucas Southworth
A book club that encourages interaction between Loyola University Maryland students and students from Notre Dame of Maryland University.
Cycling Club

Student President: Ross Lafontaine

Moderator: Barnaby Nygren

Promoting cycling as a practical mode of transportation, recreation and athletic competition.

Dance Company

Student Presidents: Aileen Pancoast, Kate O'Brien

Moderator: Stuart Dawkins

A group for anyone and everyone who loves to dance!

Dance Team Student Presidents:  Gabriella Appice, Alyssa Clarke

Moderator:  Kristan Jester
A spirit squad that performs at men's and women's varsity basketball games.
Diversity Peer Educators (DPE)

Student Presidents: Candis Miller, Chandler Zolliecoffer

Moderator: Tim Cherney, Cristina Garcia

Addressing issues related to diversity and multiculturalism such as race, gender, sexual preference, and physical and mental disabilities through education.
Down Syndrome Young Leadership Committee Student Presidents: Devan Winterle

Moderator: Donna Pitts
Working to improve awareness and perception of individuals with Down Syndrome.
Entrepreneurship Club Student Presidents: Ryan Healy, Wesley Barlow, Michael Balcom

Moderators: Jeremy Schwartz, Hung-bin Ding
A group for students of all majors that encourages innovative thinking, creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit.
Environmental Action Club

Student Presidents: Taylor Rogers

Moderators: Elizabeth Dahl, Rob Brosius

Promoting the "Go Green" initiative, supporting green causes, and educating students on environmental issues.


Moderator: Sara Scalzo

 The first-year students' orientation staff.

Evergreen Annual (yearbook)

Editor: Jennifer Harmon

Moderator: Mark Broderick

This group is Loyola's yearbook staff.  Positions are both paid and unpaid.  All are welcome to join!

Evergreen Players

Student President: Anna DeBlasio

Moderator: Natka Bianchini

A theater group that operates in conjunction with the Fine Arts Department.

Fashion Club Student Presidents: Tiaira Walker

Moderator: H. Jay Dunmore
For all those with an interest in the latest fashion trends.
Figure Skating Club Student Presidents: Kotryna Jukneviciute, Olivia Hobson

Moderator: Andrea Erdas
Promoting physical fitness and overall wellness while continuing to cultivate a passion for figure skating. 
Film Club        

Student President: Claire McCrea

Moderator: H. Jay Dunmore

A group that writes, produces and edits films using original content.
Film Society Student Presidents: Leo Gray, Zach Pisano

Moderator: Nicholas Miller
This club seeks to promote a general appreciation of film as an art, and to provide well-rounded film education to Loyola students.
Free the Slaves

Student Presidents: Taylor Daily, Moira Pannepacker

Moderator: Elizabeth Kennedy

Supporting the work of the national organization that strives to bring an end to modern slavery and human trafficking.
German Club Student President: Samantha Fazekas

Moderator: Ursula Beitter
Familiarizing students with German culture and language outside of the classroom.
GreyComm Studios (TV station)

Student President: Emily Devaney

Moderator: H. Jay Dunmore

A multi-media production facility providing students with experience in broadcast and media production.


Editor in Chief: Katie Krzaczek

Moderator: Kevin Atticks

 Loyola's student newspaper.

Greyhound Collective Poetry Revival

Student Presidents: Rory Nachbar

Moderator: Melissa Girard

Encouraging writing, performing and appreciating poetry in its various forms for anyone interested in poetry.
Greyhound Gamers Guild Student President: Kyle Banquer

Moderator: Thomas Pegram
A club for all who are interested in playing video games.
GreySounds (coed a cappella group) 

Student President: Rebecca Scullin

Moderator: Anthony Villa

Co-ed, auditioned a cappella group.
Harry Potter Club Student President: Michael Di Bianca

Moderators: Daniel McClain, Daniel Castillo
Bringing Loyola students of the Harry Potter generation together for fun, engaging activities including movie nights, trivia, Quidditch, and more!
H.E.A.L.T.H. (Helping Everyone At Loyola Think Healthy) Student President: Anne Balch

Moderator: Lindsay Herbst
Helping college students cultivate life-long healthy habits.
Hillel: The Foundation of Jewish Campus Life

Student President: Andrew Gorbaty

Moderators: Rev. Tim Brown, S.J., Jacquis Watters

Striving to bring Jewish and non-Jewish students together through Jewish-related events.
Hounds for Hounds Student Presidents: Anna Quinn, Christine Crider

Moderator: Cristina Garcia
Helping animals by volunteering and fundraising to assist local shelters.
Hounds on Wall Street Student President: Perre Peraj

Moderator: Walter Reinhart
Meeting regularly to bring students together to learn more about investing.
The Ignatian Society

Moderators: Helena Sampson, Undergraduate Admission, 410-617-2569

"Iggies" are volunteer student ambassadors for the Admission Office, leading campus tours and welcoming incoming students.
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Student President: Alexis Garrett, Michael Watkins

Moderator: Kevin Hula
Non-denominational, Christian group with a vision to see spiritual lives awakened and enlivened as we seek God together.
Investment Club Student President: Matthew Radford

Moderator: Drew Leder
Providing students of all majors with basic investing experience and knowledge using mock currency through a stock simulator.
Italian Club Student President: Ninagabriella Sparacio

Moderator: Nicolino Applauso
Enhancing knowledge and appreciation of the Italian culture and language. 
Japanese Club Student President: Taylor Green

Moderator: Pingsheng Cai
Promoting Japanese culture, language and tradition through various experiences, hoping to enrich the lives of all those wanting to learn about Japan. 

Ju-Jitsu Club

Student President: Kenneth Bayron

Moderator: Timothy Enders 

A Maru Ketsugo Ju-Jitsu class certified by the American Ju-Jitsu Association, also offering self defense practice.

Knifty Knitters

Student Presidents: Michaela Gates, Rory Nachbar

Moderator: Mary Beth Akre

Welcoming any and all crafters in a relaxed environment. No knitting experience necessary.
Knights of Columbus/Catholic Daughters of the Americas Grand Knight: Robert Grisi

Moderator: Salvatore Lenzo
Part of the international fraternal organization promoting Catholic charity, service, and brotherhood.
Kronum Club Student President: Austin Boileau

Moderator: Matthew Moser
A club for students interested in Kronum, a hybrid sport that includes characteristics from soccer, basketball, and team handball.
Last Daily Report Student President: Cody Busic

Moderator: Katherine Brennan
Aiming to present factual information about pertinent social/political issues to counteract a bias media.
LifeNets Foundation Student President: Samantha Minikel

Moderator: Bernadette Roche
LifeNets Foundation combats the spread of Malaria in the Republic of Malawi through fundraising resulting in the distribution of insecticide-treated mosquito nets.

Loyola ALIVE

Student President:

Moderator: Contact Campus Ministry.

A group supporting pro-life initiatives.
Loyola Jazz Ensemble and Jazz Combo Moderator: Anthony Villa ext. 2817

Loyola University Maryland Belles

Student President: Grace Charlton

Moderator: Anthony Villa

Female a cappella group.

Loyola University Maryland Chapel Choir

Student Presidents: James Coughlin, Matthew McKenna

Moderator: George Miller

A choir that sings during Mass in the Alumni Memorial Chapel. 

Loyola University Maryland Chimes

Student Presidents: Jimmy Coughlin, TJ Cook

Moderator: Kevin Atticks 

 Male a cappella group.

Loyola University Maryland Repertory Choir Moderator: Daniel McDavitt A choir made up of students, faculty, staff and alumni, and sponsored by the Fine Arts Department.

Loyola University Maryland Singers

Moderator: Daniel McDavitt

Loyola's main choral ensemble sponsored by the Fine Arts Department made up of Loyola students.

Magic the Gathering Club Student President: Reggie Evans

Moderator: Charles Kumlehn
Welcoming all those who are interested in playing Magic the Gathering regardless of experience level.
Malala Fund Club

Student President: Mara Donoghue

Moderator: Claire Mathews McGinnis

Raising awareness of and funds for the Malala Fund, an organization striving to empower girls through education and break the cycle of poverty.

Marksmanship Club

Moderator: SFC Pedro Quinones

Club members participate in small-bore rifle competitions with other schools in the MAC Rifle Conference.

Musicians Guild Student President: Nick Macleay

Moderator: Richard Lutjens
Providing a venue where musicians can meet, collaborate, create and perform with one another.
Muslim Student Association Student President: Mustafa Wahid

Moderator: Rev. Tim Brown, S.J.

Unifying Loyola's Muslim community through various activities, and promoting interfaith discussions and education about Islam and Muslim culture.

National Hellenic Society Student President: Amanda Galazzo

Moderator: Diana Schaub
This group seeks to preserve and promote Greek education, sciences, arts, music, philosophy, etc., and sponsors programming to support Greek culture.
National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) Moderator: Tim Cherney Dedicated to recognizing leaders in the residence halls.
Native American Students Association

Student President: Candis Miller

Moderator: Matthew Mulcahy

Creating a supportive space for Native American, American Indian, Hawaiian Pacific Islander and Alaskan Native students.
Nevergreen Sketch Comedy Troupe

Student President: Michael Ebemeier

Moderator: Tania Rosas-Moreno

The Nevergreens write and perform original comedy sketches at shows and events throughout the school year.
Operation Smile     

Student Presidents: Alison Calo, Sara Siegel

Moderator: Brianne Higgins Roos

A chapter of the international children's charitable organization that provides humanitarian services.
Optimist Club

Student President: Erica Lattanzio 

Moderator: John Peter Krahel

Optimists bring out the best in local kids by providing hope and positive vision.
OPTIONS (social programs)

Student President: Rebecca Riley

Moderator: Kate Grubb Clark

Broadening the Loyola experience by helping students meet new people, make lasting friendships, and experience community.
Outdoor Adventure Experience (OAE) Moderator: Kristin Newland A program offered through the Department of Recreational Sports.
Peace and Justice Studies Initiative

Student President: Gabrielle Smith

Moderator: Catriona Hanley

Raising awareness about peace and non-violence through a variety of events, and gaining academic support.

Peer Educators

Moderator: Tim Cherney

Student leaders who are trained to educate the student community about various issues through programming.

Philosophy and Development of Martial Arts Club Student President: Noah Hunsinger

Moderator: Diana Schaub
Seeking to understand and combine various martial arts systems from around the world to develop a more modern martial art system.
Philosophy Club Student Presidents: Benjamin Murdy, Nicholas Johnston

Moderator: Bret Davis
This group seeks to encourage and expand discussion about various topics, fostering idea formulation.
Photography Club

Student President: John Acunto

Moderator: H. Jay Dunmore

A club for photography students and hobbyists of all levels of experience to creatively engage in photography fieldtrips, workshops, etc.

Poisoned Cup Players

Student President:  

Moderators: Michael Vogelman, Natka Bianchini

A student-run theater group.

Real Estate Club Student President: Andrew Mazur

Moderator: Rev. James Kelly, S.J.
Examining real estate trends in markets around the world, and exploring options in the real estate field.

Relay for Life Committee

Student Presidents: Jessica LaTona, Colleen Miner, Jenna Motti, Stephanie Maniglia

Moderator: Nancy Bathgate

This group plans and facilitates Loyola's annual Relay For Life event, and supports Loyola community members affected by cancer.

Rendez-vous:  Haiti Club 

Student Presidents: Sarah Steere, Mary Koontz

Moderators: Catherine Savell, Holly Schneider

Directly supporting development projects for disadvantaged youths in Haiti. Solidarity in action!

Residence Hall Association (RHA)

Student President: Julia Benner

Moderator: Mathew Shepard

Advocating for resident students regarding housing issues, and building community within the halls.

Resident Assistants

Contact the Office of Student Life, 410-617-5081


Robotics Club Student President: Andrew Gorbaty

Moderator: David Hoe
Encouraging students and faculty to discuss, prototype, and test robots that they choose to create on their own or with others.
Runners For Others

Student Presidents: Tim Galla, Meghan Lynch

Moderator: Doug Umberger

For students of all skill levels interested in running, the group works to improve students' running abilities. The group also participates in races meant to raise funds for notable causes.
Snowhounds: Ski/Snowboarding Club

Student Presidents: Michael Corvelli, Evan Richardson

Moderator: Dawn Lawrie, Drew Schoeffield

A club for all students interested in winter sports, the group plans and facilitates trips to ski resorts close to Baltimore.

Student President: Megan Suder

Moderator: Natka Bianchini, Jacquis Watters

Spectrum works to provide education and support to members of the LGBTQIA community on Loyola's campus.
Spotlight Players

Student President: Amanda Jenks

Moderator: Natka Bianchini

A student-run theater company dedicated to "theater that makes a difference" through producing plays that address social issues and donating proceeds to appropriate charities.
Steel Pan Ensemble

Moderator: Barry Dove

Student Career Educators (SCE)

Student President: Sara Killough

Moderator: Allie Pearlman-Sax

Helping the student body become aware of the services that the Career Center offers, acting as a liaison between the students and the Career Center.
Student Government Association (SGA)

Student President: Cory Hodson

Moderator: Mark Broderick

 Servant leaders dedicated to enriching all aspects of the student experience at Loyola, and promoting Jesuit ideals.

Student Philanthropy Council

Moderator: Emilie Linsenmeyer

SPC works to educate the campus community about the profound ways that philanthropy effects life at Loyola.
Student Health Advisory Board Moderator: Jeanne Lombardi

Student President: Michael Clark

Moderator: Kate Grubb Clark

Dedicated to the promotion and publicity of Loyola's Athletics program, and the support of student athletes.
Surf Club Student President: John Jacob

Moderator: Ryan Burton
A group for all those interested in surfing.
Tabletop Gaming Club

Student President: Mattie Dziejma

Moderator: Dawn Lawrie

Providing strategic thinking in a fun environment.
Take Back The Night Committee

Student President: Kaitlyn Victorian Smith

Moderator: Mike Puma

Dispelling the atmosphere of silence surrounding sexual violence and gender issues and empowering survivors of sexual violence.
Urban Art Club     

Student President: Patrick Tyler Bernhard 

Moderator: Mary Beth Akre

Seeking to provide a home for all students with artistic interests!
Video Game Development Club  Student President: Andrew Gorbaty, Brian Fitzpatrick

Moderator: Sibren Isaacman
Students develop an appreciation of video games and have the chance to create their own video games.
Warnings Art and Literary Journal Student President: Wes Peters

Moderator: Ron Tanner
Publishing student creative written pieces and artwork periodically, each issue based around a theme.
WLOY Radio

Student President: Patricia Bryan

Moderator: John Devecka 

A student run radio station, providing entertainment through radio programming and events.

Wounded Warrior Project at Loyola Student Presidents: Jessica Nunziata, Christine Nunziata, Sarah Stokes, Amanda Duffy

Moderator: Jennifer Wood
Supporting troops, especially those who have been wounded defending our country, through fundraising, letter writing, etc.
York Road Students Association (YRSA)

Student President: Diana Dautzenberg

Moderator: Erin O'Keefe, Marie McSweeney Anderson

Actively engaging students in the wider community along the York Road Corridor, developing a sense of community.
Heart of Zen Meditation Moderator: Bret W. Davis Creating opportunities to learn about and participate in guided meditation.