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Classroom Assignment Procedures (Baltimore Campus)

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Welcome to your resource for requesting specific classroom space and understanding how space is allocated to academic courses on the Baltimore Campus. This page only addresses requests for space for regularly scheduled academic course sessions and exams.

Requests for space to accommodate meetings, special activities, and any non-course-related reservations should be directed to Event Services (x5077).

How do I request a specific space with the equipment needed?

  • Information regarding specific equipment needs should be supplied on the initial master schedule that department chairs submit to the Records Office approximately six to eight months prior to the start of a semester. Requests made later than this may not be given consideration.

  • Requests should be worded as follows: hi-tech classroom, TV/VCR, etc.

  • Flexibility is essential. Specify the broad desired feature; e.g., request a high-tech classroom, rather than MH 058 (a specific high-tech classroom).

  • If a request for space needs to be made after the initial master schedule is submitted, please do so in writing (e-mail or memo).

  • Written requests regarding classroom assignments should be directed to Nicole Mirando, Assistant Director of Records, nmirando@loyola.edu or Pat Dalrymple, Associate Director of Records, pdalrymple@loyola.edu. Please include the following information in the request:

    • your name and department;
    • the best way to reach you;
    • the semester the course is being offered;
    • the full course number including section number (e.g., BL101.01);
    • your specific request and whether it is one-time or on-going.
  • Administrative assistants may request classroom assignments for their departments and communicate them to the faculty.

  • Please be sure to notify the Records Office if the information submitted on an original request has changed.

  • The Records Office is not responsible for purchasing equipment. If your request involves the purchase of new equipment, you will be directed to Technology Services.

Am I guaranteed to get the space I requested?

There is no guarantee when a request is made that resources will be sufficient to accommodate every need during a particular semester. Alternate plans should be established in the event your request cannot be met.

Where can I find my classroom assignment?

  • Online: Assignments are available on WebAdvisor for Faculty by clicking Search for Sections. On the Search for Sections screen, select the term, then enter your last name. If you have a common last name, you may get more courses in the results than your own sections. If you have a last name that has upper and lower case letters within it (e.g., McDonald), search on either Mc or Donald rather than the whole name.

  • Records Office: You may call x2263, x2256, or x2503.

When can I advertise my room assignment to my students?

Before advertising room information on your syllabi, check with the Records Office (x2503) to make certain that classroom assignments have been finalized .

How can I schedule exams and review or make-up sessions?

  • Questions regarding exam scheduling should be directed to Nicole Mirando, x2256, nmmirando@loyola.edu.

  • To schedule make-up or review sessions, including those being scheduled for Study Day, contact Event Services.

  • To schedule an event at any time outside of the normal class schedule, contact Event Services.

  • Maryland Hall 240 is an exception. All reservations for this room are currently made through the Records Office (x2256 or x2503).

  • Occasionally, you will be directed elsewhere to schedule an academic course. If you need a seminar room, computer lab, etc., that is managed by a specific department, the Records Office will provide you with contact information for scheduling the space.

Can I make a request for space via the Web?

As long as the course has already been submitted by the department chair in writing to the Records Office, you may send your request via e-mail to Nicole Mirando (nmirando@loyola.edu) or Pat Dalrymple (pdalrymple@loyola.edu).

What is the classroom assignment process?

Classroom assignments are finalized the beginning of August for the Fall Semester; the beginning of December for the Spring Semester; and in February prior to the Summer Sessions. Assignments on WebAdvisor prior to this period are NOT final and are subject to change! Many changes occur between the time the master schedule is first submitted by the department chair and the time classes actually begin. Before classroom assignments are finalized, the Records Office wants to make certain that faculty who have made certain requests for space are given every opportunity to have this request fulfilled, that all new faculty are in place, and that teaching schedules are set.

Once classrooms are finalized, scheduling is turned over to Event Services for meetings and lectures.