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Office of the Dean of First-Year Students and Academic Services

Core Advising Program

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All first-year students are assigned to a core advisor who will help them plan the academic part of their lives at Loyola. Core Advisors help students select courses, guide them through the registration process, and monitor their academic progress. Advisors also lead students through the declaration of a major process. Students should develop a solid relationship with their core advisors, who are invaluable resources for information about all aspects of Loyola University Maryland and its academic programs. Core advisors post regular hours when students may stop by for consultation, and they are available by special appointment as well. Students should also feel free to communicate with advisors via email. Phone numbers and email addresses can be found in the Loyola directory.


Courses in the Humanities, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Mathematical Sciences. Regardless of the major, all students are required to complete a number of courses in these areas of study.

View the Loyola University Maryland core curriculum worksheet (Class of 2015) or consult your course catalogue for more specific requirements.

Major Courses

The "major" part of the curriculum offers a program of courses that enables students to pursue their specialized areas of study in depth. The major normally consists of two introductory courses, and two to four other courses in allied disciplines.

For example, the Accounting and Business Administration majors with the Sellinger School of Business Management include six introductory courses and seven upper-division business core courses. In addition, the Accounting major requires seven upper-division courses in Accounting and one course in Oral Communication.

The Class of 2015 must complete an experiential learning requirement by participating in two of the following three options:

For more information about internship opportunities at Loyola, please see the individual majors.


Elective courses are those courses remaining in Loyola's 40-course curriculum after core and major courses have been fulfilled. There are two types of electives: non-departmental or free.

Non-departmental electives are courses which are not required by the core or the major, but which must be taken as part of the graduation requirement outside of the department of the major. Students have three non-departmental electives in their programs. However, Honors students have only two non-departmental electives in their programs, because HN 400 is taken in place of the third elective.

Free electives are courses required for graduation that are not covered by the core, major, or non-departmental electives. Free electives may be taken in any department, and the number of free electives each student must take is determined by the major.

Please refer to your course catalogue for the specific electives required per major.