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Greyhound Express Meals

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Greyhound Express Meals are offered at Iggy's Market, Wraps and Bowls and the Third Floor Reading Room:


New this semester!  Meal Swipes are accepted at Wraps and Bowls!




Iggy's Market


Greyhound Express Iggys Breakfast


Iggy's Market offers meal plan options for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, 7 days/week.  For Breakfast, you can get a freshly baked pastry, an entree, a pint of milk, two pieces of fruit or a fruit cup, and a cup of coffee or juice!

Hot cereals, fresh scrambled eggs, turkey, pork and vegetarian breakfast meats, and breakfast potatoes offered daily!



Greyhound Express Iggy's Lunch and Dinner


For lunch and dinner at Iggy's, you will get an entree, two side items, a side salad, a soup, a dessert and a fountain beverage!!

Vegan and Gluten Free entrees available daily.  Gluten Free rolls are available at our deli.





Greyhound Express in the Third Floor Reading Room



Greyhound Breakfast


Greyhound Express offers quick and easy dining in the Andrew White Student Center.  For breakfast, students can make their own Belgian Waffles!  Gluten Free and Multi Grain waffle mix available daily!

Breakfast meal includes a pastry or waffle, two protein items, a pint of milk, two pieces of fruit, and a juice or coffee!



Greyhound Lunch



For lunch, choose an entree sandwich or salad, a side salad, a side dish, a piece of fruit, a dessert and a bottled water or soda!