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Center for Community Service and Justice (CCSJ)

Student Staff

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Hundreds of students participate in service and justice activities each year through CCSJ and the student staff make it possible by linking Loyola’s campus to the Baltimore community and educating through service and justice work.

There are three types of positions within the CCSJ Student Staff:
  • Service Coordinator - coordinate community service programs & educate student volunteers.
  • Creative Assistant - develop print, social & digital media to promote service & justice work.
  • Student Assistant - provide logistical/administrative support and hospitality for all CCSJ programs.

All these positions will be paid $10.00 per hour starting AY 2015-16.  

Join the staff 

The CCSJ Student Staff Selection process includes both returning student staff and new applicants.        

Timeline for New Applicants

Application Available: Friday, November 21, 2014

Information Sessions: (If you can’t attend, email cmaniyatt@loyola.edu for more info!)

  • Wednesday, Dec. 3 from 6-7pm in CCSJ Common Space (HU142)
  • Thursday, Dec. 4 from 6-7pm in CCSJ Common Space 
  • Wednesday, Jan. 21 from 6-7pm in CCSJ Common Space 
  • Thursday, Jan. 22 from 6-7pm in CCSJ Common Space 
  • Monday, Feb. 16 from 6-7pm in CCSJ Common Space 
  • Tuesday, Feb. 17 from 6-7pm in CCSJ Common Space
  • Tuesday, Mar. 10 from 6-7pm in CCSJ Common Space
Application & Recommendations Due: Thursday, Mar. 12 at 3pm

Interviews: Friday, Mar. 13, Monday, Mar. 16, and Tuesday, Mar. 17

Decision Letters Available: Monday, March 30

Contracts due: Wednesday, April 1

General Qualifications

CCSJ Student Staff are the leaders of service and justice education activities on campus and therefore must possess strong interpersonal skills including communication, organization, collaboration and professionalism. Staff members must show good judgment and respect the backgrounds and experience of a diverse group of people.

In addition, CCSJ Student Staff must:

  • Be a rising sophomore, junior or senior
  • Have a minimum 2.5 grade point average (GPA) both cumulative and the semester prior to applying.  
  • Complete the application and interview process by the stated deadlines.
  • Be in good conduct standing with the college.  A judicial review will be conducted for all applicants.
  • Have participated in one or more volunteer experiences.
  • Have a personal interest in issues related to social justice.
  • Be able to articulate connections between service experiences and related social justice issues.
  • Meet all position-specific qualifications listed in Service Coordinator, Creative Assistant and Student Assistant position descriptions.  

General Expectations

If you are selected and choose to accept the CCSJ position, all CCSJ staff members must agree to:

  • Not hold additional employment or commitments that exceed 12 hours per week total.
  • Decline Evergreen, Resident Assistant, Campus Ministry Intern, member of the SGA executive board, full-time student teaching, or any other position that conflicts with the two-week training in August.
  • Abide by all of the policies and regulations of Loyola’s Code of Student Conduct, as well as those of federal and local jurisdictions. 
  • Meetings & Trainings
    • Attend and participate fully in the two-week staff training in August and a one-day training in January.
    • Participate in regular one-on-one meetings with supervisor
    • Participate in bi-weekly staff meetings and racial justice reflections
    • Attend All-Staff Reflection on one Wednesday night each month.
  • Meet all position-specific expectations listed in Service Coordinator, Creative Assistant and Student Assistant position descriptions.

Application Process

  1. Review position qualifications, expectations and responsibilities and student staff application materials.
  2. Attend an info session or talk with a CCSJ full-time staff member.
  3. Complete the online application with recommendations. [The online application is now closed]
    1. Applications and recommendation letters must be submitted by 3 p.m. on Thursday, Mar. 12, 2015.
    2. All applicants must request two professional references through the application form. Your reference will then receive an emailed form to complete. You will be notified once your recommendation letters have been submitted. We recommend notifying your reference in advance and also including the link to the recommendation form in that email.
    3. At least one reference should be completed by a member of the Loyola community (faculty, administrator, staff, etc). If you select a student as a reference, that student should be able to speak to your ability to perform the responsibilities in the position descriptions. CCSJ professional staff is not allowed to serve as reference to prevent bias in the selection process.
  4. Complete the interview process. You will receive an email to sign up for a required interview with two CCSJ professional staff members and a current student staff member. You can prepare for your interview by thinking about the following topics:
    • How you would define social justice, why you are interested in it and what issues in particular attract your attention?
    • What service experiences have touched you—particularly the experiences you've had as a Loyola student—and what lessons have you learned through those experiences?  
    • How you would welcome a diverse group of participants in CCSJ programs?
    • How would you facilitate reflections or meetings for your peers if you are applying to be a Service Coordinator?