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Whether you're looking for information on specific social justice issues for a research paper or your own personal growth, CCSJ is happy to supply resources to aid in your search. You are welcome to stop by and browse our library, which is stocked with books on current social issues that may be borrowed for up to three weeks.

The spotlight book of the week is The Many Sides of Peace: Christian Nonviolence, the Contemplative Life, and Sustainable Living by Brayton Shanley.

Brayton Shanley shares his understanding of nonviolent love through his experience of living in a Christian Peace Community for thirty years. In the community, he lived sustainably with other residents who were students and teachers of nonviolent conflict resolution. He believes that “a faith based on the revelation of Jesus and the conviction that a love that is nonviolent will save the environmentally threatened planet and its warlike people from an at risk status to a more peaceful and sustainable one.” In this beautifully composed book, Shanley eloquently teaches us how to live in a way that will promote the magnificence of our world.

In addition, we have collected the following useful resources: