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Department of Speech-Language Pathology

Assistantships and Fellowships

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Graduate Assistantship Opportunities

See detailed information about graduate assistantships as well as the application form, both in the speech-language pathology department and University-wide. Please note that all applications, including a resume and contact information (name, phone, email) for 3 references, for departmental graduate assistantships are due to Ms. Emilie Aguilar at 8890 McGaw Road, Columbia, MD, 21045 or ejaguilar@loyola.edu no later than March 30. Please also include a brief essay (approx. 250 words) delineating your (a) work experiences (e.g., research assistant), (b) responsibilities (e.g., data collection, data analysis), and (c) skills (e.g., SPSS, Microsoft Office) that are particularly relevant to an assistantship position in SLP. In addition, please indicate your interest and/or experience with a particular area of research in SLP. Students are welcome to apply prior to being accepted into the program.

A sample of how to fill out the application form for GA positions in the speech-language pathology department can be viewed here. Please note that the application form posted online cannot be filled out and saved. Applicants can either mail in a hard copy, print off a filled-in copy and scan it, or 'print' to PDF and email the document to Ms. Aguilar. Applications can also be faxed to 410-617-7737.

If you have any questions about the GA application process, please contact Ms. Emilie Aguilar at ejaguilar@loyola.edu.

Fellowships and Financial Aid Opportunities

For information on federal and state financial aid programs or private alternative student loan programs, visit the financial aid office website or call 410-617-2576.

Fellowships (merit-based) are awarded at the time of admission; no separate application process is required. For the 2014-15 admission cycle, 2-year fellowships were awarded in the amount of  $26,000 ($13,000 per year).

Additionally, the speech-language pathology department offers a variety of financial aid opportunities. These include departmental graduate assistantships, the John W. Brockman Fellowship for Speech-Language Pathology, and the Bernard A. Saltysiak Clinical Fellowship (restricted to Loyola undergraduates). All of these financial aid opportunities are awarded prior to matriculation in the master’s program, except for the John W. Brockman Fellowship. Information on this fellowship is distributed in the spring semester of the first-year of the program.