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Modern Languages & Literatures

Core Requirements

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All Loyola students are required to fulfill the core language requirement, either in a modern or a classical language (for fullfilling this requirement in a classical language—such as Latin or Greek—visit the Classics Web site).

In modern languages (Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish), the core language requirement may be fulfilled in the following ways:

  • by completing the second semester at the intermediate level (CI104, FR104, GR104, IT104, JP104 or SN104)
  • by completing a one-semester foreign literature course taught in the foreign language
  • by placing into and completing a 200-level language course

Introductory level courses (courses at the 101 and 102 levels) taken by students with no previous preparation in the language will fulfill part of the electives requirement.

Placement Tests in Modern Languages:

Placement tests are available online in French, German, Italian, and Spanish. No credit is awarded through these tests. The department encourages entering students to consider taking the advanced placement exam, if available, because a high score on that exam offers the possibility of both advanced placement and credit. Courses numbered 202 and above are normally open only to those who have already satisfied the language requirement in the language in question.

Normally, students will complete the core language requirement by the end of the sophomore year at Loyola. As is the case for all transfer courses, students seeking to fulfill the core language requirement at other accredited institutions must obtain prior permission from the chair of the department of modern languages and literatures and the Center for Academic Services and Support (CASS). Students must apply to take courses elsewhere for core credit through CASS; CASS then forwards the request to the department chair for evaluation. Only courses at accredited institutions will be accepted.