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Administrative Assistant

Maureen Kelly
Program Assistant
HU 322A
Telephone: 410-617-2326
Fax: 410-617-2832


Elizabeth Schmidt
Professor and Department Chair
HU 313
Areas of Specialization: Teaching: African History; Pre-Colonial to Present; African Women's History. Research: Late Colonial Southern Africa (esp. Zimbabwe and South Africa); Late Colonial West Africa (emphasis on Guinea).


 Michele Alacevich
 Director of Global Studies, Assistant Professor
 HU 323
 Areas of Specialization: History of Development; History of Social Sciences; Global History;
 European History

 Rev Charles Borges, S.J.
 Associate Professor
 HU 318
 Areas of Specialization: Jesuit History in Asia; Indo-Portuguese History; Goa History

 John Breihan
 HU 302
 Areas of Specialization: 20th Century American Suburbia; Aviation History; Late 18th-Century
 Britain; Military

 Katherine Stern Brennan
 Associate Professor
 HU 318
 Area of Specialization: Early Modern French History

 David Carey Jr
 Doehler Chair in History; Professor
 HU 310
 Areas of Specialization: Latin American History; Indigenous Peoples; Oral History; Gender

 Chuck Cheape
 Professor Emeritus  

 Kelly DeVries
 HU 312
 Area of Specialization: Medieval Military History and Technology; History of Technology;
 Medieval History; Military History

 Chad R. Diehl
 Assistant Professor
 HU 306
 Areas of Specialization: Modern East Asian History; Modern and Early Modern Japan;      
 Cultural Memory Studies

 Bill Donovan 
 Associate Professor
 HU 316
 Area of Specialization: Early Modern Portuguese History

 Jane Edwards
 HU 308 
 Area of Specialization: Modern European Intellectual History

 Steven Hughes (on leave 2014-2015)
 HU 301
 Areas of Specialization: Modern Italian History; Masculinity; History of Crime

 Angela Leonard
 Associate Professor
 HU 311
 Areas of Specialization: African Dispora; Black Female Jazz Singers; Early 19th-Century British and
 American Journalism; 19th Century Propaganda and Political Poetry

 Dr. Richard Lutjens     Richard Lutjens      
      Visiting Affiliate Assistant Professor

    HU 314

    Areas of Specialization: Modern Europe; Germany

 Matthew Mulcahy 
 HU 309
 Areas of Specialization: Colonial America; History of Disasters

 Brandon Parlopiano
 Visiting Affiliate Assistant Professor 
 HU 301
 Area of Specialization: Medieval Europe

 Thomas R. Pegram
 HU 305
 Areas of Specialization: Late 19th/Early 20th-Century American Political and Social History

 Sara Scalenghe
 Associate Professor
 HU 303
 Areas of Specialization: Middle East and North Africa; Ottoman Empire; Gender; Disability; Italian
 Colonialism in Libya

 R. Keith Schoppa 
 Formerly Professor and Doehler Chair of Asian History
 Areas of Specialization: Chinese Political; Social and Cultural History from 1900 to 1950

 Martha Taylor
 Associate Professor of History and Classics; Chair of the Classics Department
 HU 321B
 Department Chair
 Classics Homepage

 Joseph Walsh
 Professor of History and Classics
 HU 333
 Classics Homepage