Loyola University Maryland

Department of Biology


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Minor in Biology

Course requirements include:

  • BL118/BL119, BL121/BL126, BL201/BL202
  • Three biology electives (200-level or higher), at least two with an associated lab or seminar

Minor in Natural Sciences

Course requirements include:

  • BL118/BL119, BL121/BL126
  • BL201/BL202 or BL elective (200-level or higher)
  • CH101/CH105, CH102/CH106
  • CH301/CH307, CH302/CH308
  • MA251 or MA252 or ST265
  • PH101/PH191, PH102/PH192
  • One biology elective (200-level or higher)

Students interested in pre-health programs (such as medical, dental or veterinarian) can take this minor along with a non-science major and thereby satisfy the necessary course requirements for most health professional schools. The math requirement for health professional schools is variable. Please consult with the pre-health advisor about the math requirement.